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1997            Mugenkyo (CD)

2004            Ten (CD)

2007            One Vibration (DVD)

2009            Era (CD)

2010            Celebration (DVD + live CD)


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CD Mugenkyo

Mugenkyo's first CD, recorded live in the studio preserving the raw power & energy of the moment. Contains some eternal favourites, as well as rare nuggets seldom performed these days.

Recorded at Blackwing Studios, London, July 1997

Neil Mackie, Miyuki Williams, Liz Walters

Running time: 48 min

Track listing: Ikkyo (One Vibration), Kuzuryu (Nine-headed Dragon), Onsen, Kimai (Demon Dance), Tojimbo, Hikiami, Matsuri (Festival)

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CD Ten

Mugenkyo's second, and a much more varied-sounding CD than the first, recorded in our tenth anniversary year. Big booming taiko stompers contrast with bamboo flute, didgeridoo, bells, song & chanting. Includes the high-energy live favourite "Phoenix", Mackie's big drum solo "Odaiko", and for the first time ever, a dub taiko track called "Declaration of Rhythm"… plus a bonus CD-ROM of video clips of the show at the time.

Recorded at Core Studios, Glasgow & CaVa Studios,Glasgow, August 2004

Neil Mackie, Miyuki Williams, Teresa Brookes, Adam Walker

Running time: 50 min

Track listing: Mirage, Todoroki, Shichisan Groove, The Search, Odaiko, Wheel of Samsara, Phoenix, Declaration of Rhythm, Procession

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DVD One Vibration

Released in spring 2007, this is a document of the Mugenkyo concert, filmed at one of the 32 dates on our 6 week autumn UK tour. Our first DVD includes the highly synchronised "Tomoe", a duo on the big odaiko drum "Fudoshin", the Mugenkyo classic "Ikkyo", amongst others, and not forgetting the enthusiastic Welsh audience that helped make that night so memorable.

Recorded live at Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan, October 2006

Running time: 40 min

Full length pieces: Tomoe, Ikkyo (One Vibration), Fudoshin, Todoroki, Matsuri (Festival)

Plus clips of: Onsen, Tojimbo, Otherworld, Shichisan Stomp, Yatai Bayashi, Odaiko

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CD Era

The third Mugenkyo CD, crammed full of classic stage favourites, recorded with maximum energy. Includes: two Odaiko (big drum) pieces - Gekko & Fudoshin, our own versions of the traditional classics - Yatai Bayashi & Kiyari, and the very modern - Belenos & Essence. Mugenkyo's most powerful & melodic recording to date.

Recorded at CaVa Studios, Glasgow, and the Mugen Taiko Dojo, August 2009

Neil Mackie, Miyuki Williams, Teresa Brookes

Running time: 52 min

Track listing: Belenos, Gekko (Moon Drum), Shichisan Stomp, Yatai Bayashi, Kiyari, Fudoshin, Tomoe, Nagareboshi (Shooting Star), Essence

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DVD Celebration

As a climax to the 15th anniversary tour with special guest dancer Lale Sayoko, Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers were joined back onstage by original members from the group's beginnings Mark Alcock & Liz Walters, to create a spectacular & electrifying one-time concert celebration. This DVD contains live concert footage, backstage scenes, rehearsals & interviews, and includes a 36-page photo booklet of the occasion. (Includes a free CD with the PAL version only)

Recorded live a the Tramway, Glasgow, November 2009

Running time: 95 min

Full length pieces: Gekko, Tojimbo, Ikkyo, Essence, Onsen, Odaiko, Matsuri, Yatai Bayashi, Phoenix


Free Live CD (only available with PAL DVD) -

Running time: 58 min

Track listing: Onsen, Odaiko, Tojimbo, Reflection on Still Water, Fudoshin, Yatai Bayashi, Gekko, Matsuri, Phoenix, Procession

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