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Taiko for Schools

Through their educational organisation the Mugen Taiko Dojo, members of Mugenkyo have performed at over 500 schools and have taught workshops to thousands of school-children throughout the country.

The Dojo's extensive outreach programme takes Taiko into the heart of communities and schools throughout the UK, performing educational concerts, conducting hands-on workshops, and co-ordinating and delivering performance projects for a wide range of groups - adults, children, special needs, hearing impaired, percussion groups, music teachers, theatre groups - as well as setting up school-based taiko drum groups.

As early as 1996 and 1999, Mugenkyo were awarded the Japan Festival Award for "outstanding achievements in furthering the understanding of Japanese culture in the United Kingdom", thanks to their extensive educational work, and since then have delivered hundreds more educational outreach projects.

Information can be found in our interactive Schools Brochure.