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Dojo Performance Team

The Dojo performance is a colourful & exciting display of choreographed taiko drumming, performed by members of the Mugen Taiko Dojo, UK's premier teaching centre for this thrilling art-form. The performance consists of both original compositions & traditional repertoire from Japan, showcasing a variety of playing styles. A Dojo performance can feature anything from 2 - 20 performers, playing a range of taiko drums and percussion.

Taiko drumming is hugely popular across the world, and has universal appeal, and therefore is ideal for any occasion. Drumming as a genre is accessible and uplifting, but combined with the dynamic choreography and high energy of taiko, it makes a perfect spectacle for festivals & events.

The recommended length of performance is either a series of short 15-20 minute sets as "street performance", or a full 50 minute set on a stage or performance platform. In the longer performances, the energetic taiko drumming is complemented by a diverse range of repertoire, incorporating traditional demon masks, shinobue bamboo flute, a variety of percussion, as well as audience interaction.

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