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  • Neil Mackie

    Founding member

    Founding member, jiuchi base rhythm "comandante", powerful & expressive Odaiko player ...

    Neil Mackie
  • Miyuki Williams

    Founding member

    Founding member, graceful performer of incredible stamina, head instructor at the Dojo, part Japanese part Welsh ...

    Miyuki Williams
  • Joao Madeira


    Dynamic, energising & humorous onstage persona, Portuguese-born, member since 2006, touring since 2010 ...

    Joao Madeira
  • Markus Guhe


    Our resident Shakuhachi maestro, solid all-rounder in taiko, Germany-born, member since 2010, touring since 2014 ...

    Markus Guhe
  • Brendon Neill


    Strong rhythm, flexible & talented multi-instrumentalist, Scottish American ...

    Brendon Neill
  • Stella Chan


    Charismatic performer with powerful & flowing movement, Chinese parentage, Scottish born & bred ...

    Stella Chan
  • Edina Nagy


    Strong rhythm and graceful movement, originally from Hungary, with creative contributions in photography, graphic design, costume making ...

    Edina Nagy