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Background & History

Mugenkyo was established in 1994 by Neil Mackie & Miyuki Williams, on their return to the UK following two years of rigorous training in Japan with Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei, the premiere taiko master of the Hokuriku style. From small beginnings, Mugenkyo have grown to become the most influential taiko organisation in the UK through their performances & teaching work, helping to establish the beginnings of a blossoming taiko community across the country.

Mugenkyo relocated from their original base in London to the Scottish countryside in 1998, where they founded the UK's first Centre for Taiko Drumming, the Mugen Taiko Dojo. Here they run an extensive training programme, including residential workshops for members of the public, masterclasses for percussionists & taiko players, as well as educational outreach for pupils of all ages & abilities.

Through the Mugen Taiko Dojo, the group seek to preserve & share the traditions of taiko, develop strong foundations in taiko technique, as well as to nurture the development of a contemporary form of Taiko, moving ever forward on the path of the "Way of the Drum".