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Audience Comments


"This elevated drumming to a whole new level, visceral, organic, am not sure how to really describe it but it was pure symmetry and poetry combined. It was a wonderful experience and oddly enough, extremely moving too."

- Peter Deeming, Stafford



"I was at the Sage Gateshead last night and I have to say that the Mugenkyo ensemble were truly fantastic. I've seen several other taiko troupes, and none of them provide the entertainment of Mugenkyo, and more importantly, none of them make the drums live and speak like Mugenkyo.

I felt privileged to have been present at the performance. Thank you. The standing ovation was deserved."

- Adam Douglas, Durham



"I attend many performances of various types, opera, ballet, music - classical and modern, comedy, modern dance etc wherever I can… [Your] show was superlative, astonishing, amazing and truly spectacular - aurally and visually."

- Tony Hacker, Edinburgh



"I can't tell you how much we both enjoyed it, it was incredible. For me it was a very spiritual experience and one of the most amazing shows I have seen. It transported me to another place and time."

- Susan O'Neill, Isle of Man



"An evening that turned out to be profound and deeply resonant. We were all completely overwhelmed by it all the way through and your skill, respect and sheer enjoyment of the drum moved many to tears in the incredible sound you produced. You blew the roof off and we can't wait to see you again!"

- Simon Cleggett, Loughborough



"I'm glad I was sat down - because other wise I would have fallen down.  Blown away and then some.  Puttin' it down like James Brown, bang on the money."

- Phil McCardle, Bury




"The collaboration was inspired and awesome, and the musicianship & timing was just wonderful… long may you continue to stir the spirit and the soul!"

- David Williams,  St. Andrews


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