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Which show?

These are the performances, concerts & shows currently touring or in rehearsals / booking.

The main touring production is the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers concert, performed at medium to large-scale venues, from 300 - 2000 seats.

We also have two shows suitable for small to medium-scale venues and non-traditional venues. The Way of the Drum introduces the Japanese traditions of taiko in an accessible and entertaining concert, offering audiences a truly unique experience of taiko drums up close & personal.

Trans-Taiko Beat Project is our latest venture, transcending boundaries of culture & genre, transporting audiences to another time & place through the taiko time-line.

At the moment, we also have an exciting collaboration with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, World of the Gods performing at jazz festivals across the UK.

A show involving all of the players at the Dojo, a spectacular extravaganza with over 30 drummers onstage is the Taiko Drumfest, performed at theatres & venues across central Scotland.

For high-profile festivals & large-scale events, the Mugenkyo festival / event performance consists of a set of their most energetic & hard-hitting songs.

For festivals, street performance and other events, the Dojo Performance Team represent the Mugen Taiko Dojo with their colourful and energetic set, perfectly suited to the festival atmosphere.

For schools, colleges and matinee shows at theatres for a student audience, we offer a special Educational Concert tailored to each age group, called "This is Taiko!"