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Learn to play the Taiko Drums

Taiko drumming is a thrilling combination of rhythm, movement & energy. It's lots of fun to play, is good exercise, and helps develop coordination & internal rhythm. The Dojo run a range of workshops & courses, from weekend workshops at the Dojo which attract participants from all over the UK & Europe, as well as local courses in central Scotland. All workshops and courses are taught by highly experienced instructors from the Mugen Taiko Dojo.

We recommend everyone to start with an introductory weekend workshop, even if you've played taiko before. The weekend will provide a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of the Mugen style of playing. We also give an overview of taiko as a traditional Japanese art-form, including short video clips, introducing taiko in its cultural context.

If you're an experienced percussionist, we also recommend the introductory weekend, where the instructors will help guide skills transfer to the taiko drums.

And of course, the introductory weekend is eminently suitable for anyone who hasn't played taiko or any kind of percussion before. We take you step by step through the basics, from the stance to the bachi drumstick grip, to fundamental rhythms, to using "ki energy" whilst playing.

Once you have completed an introductory workshop, we will automatically invite you to our further workshops & courses, including our guest teacher workshops with teachers invited especially from Japan. Our workshops & courses attract participants who travel from all over the UK, and from as far afield as Germany, Netherlands, Eire, France, Spain and Italy.

If you're lucky enough to live locally to the Dojo & you'd like to try your hand at a more intensive course leading to a performance, then join our course & performance project in Glasgow & Edinburgh, which leads to a short guest performance as part of our Taiko Drumfest concert. This course is also suitable for beginners.