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  • Masaaki Kurumaya

Masaaki Kurumaya

The legendary Kurumaya Sensei - the man who started it all. Mackie & Miyuki first trained with Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei in 1992 - 1994, who provided the teaching & the inspiration to form Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers. Kurumaya Sensei is a master of the Hokuriku style, and is renowned for his powerful playing style, flowing movement and jazz-influenced rhythms.

He led the ground-breaking "Hibiki Daiko" drummers from Fukui who pioneered a modern re-invention of the traditional improvised style of playing from the area. He now has a new performing unit: the Kurumaya Group. He is one of the leading taiko teachers in Japan, and is a master at making a powerful sound out of a Taiko drum, and at directing KI energy in his playing. In Fukui he runs the Kurumaya Taiko Dojo, where he teaches a range of students from beginners right through to professional taiko players from around Japan, as well as international players who travel to him from all over the world.