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At the Mugen Taiko Dojo

Learning the Way of the Drum

We have a range of workshops & courses at the Mugen Taiko Dojo - our base in rural South Lanarkshire - the only purpose-built Taiko drumming centre in the UK, and the home of the professional touring group Mugenkyo.

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The word Dojo means school or place of learning in Japanese. More specifically it means "The Place of The Way", so it is a place for learning the path of the art form: the philosophy, the training of the heart and mind as well as the actual technique of how to play.


With natural wood flooring, under-floor heating, and mirrored walls, and with a vast range of taiko drums & percussion, top quality instruments imported especially from Japan, the Dojo provides the ideal environment for learning this ancient discipline.

Workshops range from accessible introductory workshops right through to professional training, see below.

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