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Guest Teacher Workshops

The Taiko Dojo run regular guest teacher workshops with Taiko masters invited especially from Japan. Guest teacher workshops enable taiko players in the UK & Europe to learn first-hand from the world's foremost taiko teachers and performers, and also to experience the wonderfully varied traditions of taiko drumming.

As spaces on guest teacher workshops are in great demand, they are offered first to regular attendees of Dojo workshops & courses, and to taiko players who are members of regularly rehearsing & performing groups. Please do contact us if you're interested in joining a workshop.

For any upcoming guest teacher workshops, see our upcoming workshop dates.

"This Sunday's workshop with Kurumaya Sensei has so far been the highlight of my drumming career, whether Taiko or any other drumming style. To have the benefit of spending time with such an intuitive teacher was greatly appreciated - not to mention the opportunity of seeing him perform, too. Actually sharing a drum with the man was a real honour and pleasure. I found him very inspiring, and can understand how he as been responsible for firing your (and many others) passion for wadaiko."

- Brad Levin, Halifax

  • Masaaki Kurumaya

    Master of the Hokuriku style & original Sensei of Mugenkyo.

    Masaaki Kurumaya
  • Hiroshi Motofuji

    Former leader of the Tokyo group Oedo Sukeroku, in charge of training new members.

    Hiroshi Motofuji
  • Art Lee

    Leader of Tokara, and winner of the prestigious All-Japan Odaiko Competition.

    Art Lee
  • Hanayui

    Members of Kodo introducing traditional dance & song from Japan.

  • Katsuji Kondo

    Former frontman of the world-famous Kodo Drummers

    Katsuji Kondo