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  • Hiroshi Motofuji

Hiroshi Motofuji

Hiroshi Motofuji has a 30 year history of playing taiko, originally with the Tokyo group Oedo Sukeroku, a group who have been central to the development of modern taiko, and whose distinctive "Sukeroku" style has now become hugely popular with groups across the world. With Oedo Sukeroku, Motofuji served as group leader, and was responsible for training new members.

After 10 years with the group, Motofuji became an independent player, forming fusion groups with rock music, and working as a session player for different projects with many genres of music. He is currently at the forefront of the new wave of taiko players in Tokyo, both as a solo player and with his three-man group, DaKT.

Motofuji ran a hugely popular workshop at the Mugen Taiko Dojo in August 2006, returning again the following year to teach workshops on the Sukeroku style, in conjunction with a joint concert with Mugenkyo.