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Teacher Training

As part of our mission to spread taiko across the UK, we provide training and advice for teachers interested in setting up a new school group, or wanting to further develop an already-established group at their school. We arrange master-classes for music teachers, which are tailor-made to fit the requirements of the group concerned. In addition to technique and form, the master-classes offer repertoire suitable for passing on to students, as well as tips on setting up and developing groups to their maximum potential.

Many teachers also choose to attend one of our popular weekend workshops at the Dojo itself in central Scotland, in order to experience learning at the only purpose-built Taiko Dojo in the UK. At the weekend workshop, the participants have the chance to try out an array of taiko drums, experience different styles of playing, exchange ideas with others from all over the country, participate in a more in-depth discussion about the art-form, watch video clips of various groups, and... sample our cooking!

The weekends are a great chance to come & learn from the source itself, and the chance to experience first-hand the training ground of Mugenkyo.