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Educational Concerts

The Mugen Taiko Dojo educational concert presents an energetic, humorous & informative introduction to this Japanese folk art, brought alive with costume, drama & audience participation. Energetic taiko pieces are interspersed with explanations about the background to this fascinating traditional folk art, with stories & anecdotes to bring the traditions alive.

What are the drums made of? How were Taiko drums used in ancient Japan? Why are masks used in Taiko, How is taiko taught in Japan? Students learn the answers to these questions and many more, through the medium of an entertaining and engaging performance, tailor-made for each specific age group.

The educational concert is 50 minutes long, and can be performed to a full hall of students at a school. The educational concert can also be performed at a theatre as a matinee performance, in which case we can perform a 75 minute version of the concert.

"Not just incredibly skilled musicians, they are also excellent performers: theatrical, humorous and energising"

- Edinburgh Evening News