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Auditions for Mugenkyo

We hold regular auditions for already-established taiko players who are interested in joining our tours. In general, we find that most players with existing taiko skills still need to join our training system at the Dojo, in order to fit with the Mugenkyo playing style, however, this can be determined through the audition process.

We are interested in hearing from taiko players from any country who aim to play professionally and are able to dedicate blocks of time to touring, with tours typically being 4-8 weeks long. We look for committed, self-disciplined and talented players, who can fit with our system & have the right personality to integrate easily into the team. Touring professionally is a big commitment and players should be sure they are mentally and physically tough enough before putting themselves forward. If you think you have all of these attributes, we'd love to hear from you!

If you are not yet a taiko player, but you're keen to join, we have a full training system in place at the Dojo. The majority of our Mugenkyo players have developed their taiko skills through our in-house training system.