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Auditions for Dojo Training

Auditions are held three times a year for people with previous taiko experience. For those with no previous experience in taiko, the first step is to join a course & performance project in Glasgow or Edinburgh. The course & final performance serve as an audition process for joining the Dojo training system. No previous experience is required for the course, however we do require all applicants to have rhythm, good movement skills and good energy.

This process is particularly important for those with previous drumming or percussion experience, as the course will cover all the fundamentals, which will aid skills transfer to taiko.

When signing up for a course, please do let us know that you're interested in auditioning for the Dojo, as we can discuss in more detail how the process will take place.

To join the regular Dojo training system, we are looking for people that have a good basic fitness level, good attitude, good rhythm & social skills. It is important that any new member is able to fit with the team and has a willingness to learn.