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In Time

The latest Mugenkyo release, a double album featuring a retrospective of the last 30 years of Earth-shattering beats, all lovingly remastered in 2024.

Running time: 2hr 20min

Tracks: Ikkyo, Hikiami, Wheel of Samsara, Odaiko, Declaration of Rhythm, Schichisan Stomp, Tomoe, Fudoshin, Essence, Nagareboshi, Hyottoko's Holiday, Kitsune, Summer Storm, Inferno, Fukui no Taiko, Gekko, Tojimbo, Matsuri, Odaiko (live), Phoenix, Chronos, Shichisan Groove Party, Anqa Wakes, Todoroki, Alchemy

Way of the Drum

Our homage to the land of the rising sun, recorded in 2018 with new and original arrangements of traditional taiko styles and pieces, with song, shakuhachi flute, and the sounds of Japan, featuring all the members of the Mugen Taiko team. The concept for this album arose from our "Way of the Drum" theatre show, which we have been touring since 2003, introducing the taiko traditions of Japan from the last 400 years.

Running time: 55 min

Tracks: Maku-ake, Buchiawase, Kitsune, Summer Storm, Daha, Hanayaka, Mugen Medley (Gezan-bayashi, Bon-daiko, Sado Okesa, Edo-bayashi, Mr. Hyottoko's Holiday), Miyake, Hachijo, Inferno, Honen Ondo

Eternal Return

In 2012 the founders of Mugenkyo, Neil Mackie & Miyuki Williams celebrated 20 years since starting on their Taiko path; a journey which began in Japan witha fateful meeting with their inspirational teacher, to establishing and developing the first professional touring taiko group in Europe, performing across the world & founding the UK's first Taiko Centre, the Mugen Taiko Dojo.

The year's celebrations started with a summer tour of Japan, of which two dates were recorded for this CD: a concert with their original teacher Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei and his group Hibiki Taiko at the Kazenomori Hall in Fukui, and the Extasia Festival in Matto, representing European Taiko at one of the most prestigious taiko festivals in Japan.

In this monumental year, Mugenkyo toured several times, including two UK tours with the New York flautist Nobuko Miyazaki, whose distinctive playing style of both the shinobue bamboo flute and western flute feature on this album.

The year climaxed with a concert at the King's Theatre, Glasgow with Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei invited especially from Japan. The concert recordings which have been included in this CD span from the very traditional roots to the very modern.


The title of the track “Kaikigenyo" celebrates the shining start of a new 20-year cycle. In Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan, the grand shrine of Ise Jingu is completely destroyed and rebuilt once every 20 years, in a ritual that signifies a return to the beginning and the re-invigoration of the spirit. This concept of "eternal return", the cyclical nature of time and constant spiritual renewal recurs in many cultures, from South Asian philosophy to ancient Egypt, to the alchemical symbol of Ouroboros to Nietzsche.


This album represents the start of a new cycle of “eternal return" for Mugenkyo, continuing
the concept behind the meaning of the group's name: "limitless reverberation".

Running Time: 72 mins

Tracks: Fukui No Taiko, Odaiko, Shibu-Rokku, Tomoe, Hibiki, Matsuri, Shichisan Stomp, Todoroki, Chronos, Kaikigenyo, Phoenix, Kizuna, Alchemy


This album was recorded on the eve of setting off on our 15th anniversary tour in autumn 2009. It represents an important era of Mugenkyo, commemorating 15 years of developing taiko as a powerful modern performing art.

"Mugenkyo" means limitless reverberation, and expresses our belief that there are no boundaries to taiko, cultural or otherwise, and there are no limits to the possibilities of taiko drumming as a contemporary art-form.

Thank you to everyone, wherever you are, who continues to support us & share in our dream. This album is dedicated to you...

Running time:  49 mins

Tracks: Belenos, Gekko, Shichisan Stomp, Yatai Bayashi, Kiyari, Fudoshin, Tomoe, Nagaraboshi, Essence



Recorded for Mugenkyo's 10th anniversary, this album is dedicated to all our fans, family, friends & supporters. 10 years ago we would never have believed that we would be here right now, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support throughout the years.

Running time: 51 mins

Tracks: Mirage, Todoroki, Schichisan Groove, The Search, Odaiko, Wheel of Samsara, Phoenix, Declaration of Rhythm, Procession



Mugenkyo's first album recorded with the lineup of Neil Mackie, Miyuki Wiiliams, and Liz Walters in 1997

Running time: 48 mins

Tracks: Ikkyo, Kuzuryu, Onsen, Kimai, Tojimbo, Hiki-Ami, Matsuri


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