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Online taiko training

Bringing the Mugen Taiko Dojo to you

The Virtual Dojo brings the Mugen Taiko Dojo online and offers taiko training at a range of levels from introductory to advanced. It is an invaluable opportunity to access the expert instruction of the Dojo from the comfort of your own home and play alongside taiko players from around the UK & beyond, as well as regular Dojo members & the professional players of Mugenkyo.

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The Virtual Dojo offers online taiko training with accessible sessions for complete beginners right through to ongoing training for experienced players. You don't need a real taiko drum to join, only bachi drumsticks of some kind, which we can provide or you can make yourself (some members use wooden spoons!) and something to play, even a pillow on a chair can get you started.

At only £20 per month subscription & with all lessons easily viewed on YouTube links afterwards, the Virtual Dojo makes the Mugen Taiko Dojo accessible to learners all over the UK & beyond.

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The Virtual Dojo sessions for Taiko Players are taught by Miyuki, head instructor at the Mugen Taiko Dojo and co-founder of Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, with 30 years experience in taiko drumming, training & developing all Mugenkyo members past & present here at the Dojo.  The method taught is Mugen Taiko-Do, our own method honed over decades of professional touring and teaching. 


The Virtual Dojo sessions for Beginners & Improvers are taught by Edina Nagy, experienced performer with Mugenkyo & the main instructor for the in-person beginners classes here at the Dojo.

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Each session is 75 minutes, which may also include a Q&A, demonstrations, cultural background, history etc. The sessions are recorded and can be accessed afterwards in a private YouTube playlist, so you can also learn at your own pace, review the lesson afterwards, or even choose to do the sessions in your own time, which makes it easy to fit online taiko into busy lives. The rhythm sheets are emailed to you after each session, along with the YouTube link.

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The Virtual Dojo lessons have been a fantastic introduction to the world of taiko drumming.  The lessons are paced really well, with enough content to challenge but not too much to take in.  The lessons cater for every level without feeling too basic or complex, and Miyuki is an excellent teacher - very encouraging and energetic.  I can't recommend the virtual lessons enough!

Kevin M

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