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Watch MugenTV for free

MugenTV is an exciting new monthly video magazine consisting of live concert footage, backstage scenes, special features, regular fun pop-ups, interviews and short taiko rhythms anyone can learn.

Are you interested in watching how we prepare for a tour or concert, and life "on the road"? Have you ever wondered how we fly all over the world with our big drums? How we write our songs? How & what we eat on tour? Do you want to see how we tie our Odaiko big drum? Get behind the scenes & find out about all this & more on MugenTV! 

Every episode we will focus on an aspect of the art-form - the drums, the background, the culture, the history, styles of playing, well-known taiko groups – the exclusive footage building month by month to create a priceless collection of knowledge about the world of Taiko.

We're super excited to be on the road again on our first full tour since 2019, with MugenTV following us behind the scenes at our HQ and on the road, for a "30th Anniversary Tour Special".

MugenTV Promo

MugenTV Promo

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If you are interested in Mugen TV and would like us to send you a link to the first free episode available in Summer 2024 then let us know below!

Thanks for showing your interest, we'll be in touch soon!

Supported by Creative Scotland

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