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In Central Scotland

From accessible classes for complete beginners
to training for professional players

Join a class in Glasgow, Edinburgh or at our Dojo in South Lanarkshire, and learn how to play the taiko drums, guided by experienced instructors in a friendly & supportive atmosphere.

Taiko drumming is uplifting, fun and is great for teamwork & stress relief!

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The beginners & improvers course is suitable for adults of all ages & abilities, and takes you step from the basics right through to learning a full taiko drum piece by the end of the 8 weeks.

The courses run in 8-week blocks throughout the year, and each block we start afresh from the fundamentals, and then learn a new piece of repertoire. Each block ends with the opportunity to “perform” the piece learned at a “sharing night” where friends & family are invited.

After several courses, participants have the option to move up to our “Taiko Night” group, which is a regular on-going group in each city, learning further repertoire & technique. As a “Dojo Member”, there is also the opportunity to perform at local events, and at the Dojo Concerts.

There is also opportunity for further training & development with the “Foundation Days” at the Mugen Taiko Dojo, our main base in the South Lanarkshire countryside.


Those who are interested in further training can also audition for the “Mugen Training” sessions, which is a step towards auditioning for the professional performances & concert tours.

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Upcoming Courses

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