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The latest Mugenkyo album, recorded in 2018, is our homage to the land of the rising sun, with new and original arrangements of traditional taiko styles and pieces, with song, shakuhachi flute, and the sounds of Japan, featuring all the members of the Mugen Taiko team. The concept for this album arose from our "Way of the Drum" theatre show, which we have been touring since 2003, introducing the taiko traditions of Japan from the last 400 years.

Running time: 55 min

Tracks: Maku-ake, Buchiawase, Kitsune, Summer Storm, Daha, Hanayaka, Mugen Medley (Gezan-bayashi, Bon-daiko, Sado Okesa, Edo-bayashi, Mr. Hyottoko's Holiday), Miyake, Hachijo, Inferno, Honen Ondo

Way of the Drum

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