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  • Hanayui


Hanayui is a performance ensemble that grew as an offshoot of Kodo in 1991, through which the Kodo members could explore the possibilities of folk performing arts, focusing on folk dance and song with taiko accompaniment.

At the workshop in March 2004, the participants were introduced to a Japanese folk dance, Okinawan dance, and learned a song from the Ainu - the original indigenous people of the Japanese islands. The workshop was led by Chieko Kojima, Mitsue Kinjo and Yoko Fujimoto. Chieko Kojima joined Ondekoza (Kodo's original incarnation) in 1976, developing a unique style of dance within Kodo's taiko based performance. Mitsue Kinjo is a certified master of Okinawan dance with her own dance school on Sado Island, as well as teaching at the Kodo apprentice centre. Yoko Fujimoto is a long-standing member of Kodo and an accomplished singer.

Hanayui returned to the Dojo in October 2005 for a joint UK tour with Mugenkyo. On this visit, Chieko Kojima and Mitsue Kinjo were joined by Masaru Tsuji, who has been a member of Kodo since 1998, touring extensively with the group. At the workshop, participants learned a traditional folk dance, with the taiko accompaniment.