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Edina Nagy


Hungarian-born Edina is one of the core touring members of Mugenkyo. Her strong rhythm, graceful movement, singing talent and energy meant she quickly rose through the ranks of the Dojo training system, gaining her place as a regular performer with the group. She has since toured extensively in UK and around the world: theatre concert tours in 2018 and 2019 for the shows "Tribe" and "The Way of the Drum". Edinburgh Fringe full run of "Tribe" in 2018 and "Beat Grrrls" in 2019, the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi in 2019, performances in Lebanon, Spain, Portugal, Mallorca and more.

In 2020 Edina had a starring role in Mugenkyo's Australian debut concert at the Adelaide Fringe, performing 26 concerts at the Garage International.

In addition to her performance skills onstage, Edina contributes a broad range of skills to the group: photography, poster design, costume design, and now, tour chef!

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