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Intensive course (4 days) - Hachijo Daiko

Event detail
Date: Tuesday 10 May 2022 - Friday 13 May 2022
Venue: Mugen Taiko Dojo
Post Code: ML11 0RZ
Price: £340 non-residential (contact us if you would like us to arrange accommodation)
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Learn to play the taiko drums with members of Mugenkyo at their base & rehearsal space, the Mugen Taiko Dojo in the South Lanarkshire countryside. Experience the thrill of playing & learning taiko in a group, in a supportive atmosphere with some of the top instructors in the UK, and gain a unique insight into the fascinating world of taiko drumming.

The topic of this 4-day course will be "Hachijo Daiko"

The Hachijo style of playing originates from Hachijo Island, one of the seven volcanic islands off of the Izu Peninsula. It is said that the style originally developed when the defeated samurai, exiled to Hachijo island, developed a way of playing to mimic the motion of brandishing their confiscated swords! Hachijo island is also one of the few areas of Japan where Taiko developed as a form of music and entertainment as opposed to religious ceremony, and for this reason, women were permitted to play, and developed their distinctive feminine style of Taiko. This course will cover both masculine and feminine styles of playing.

This course corresponds to the "Mugen Training" level of the Dojo training and will assume previous experience in Yoko-uchi (playing to the side). The course will be taught mainly by Miyuki, head instructor at the Mugen Taiko Dojo, using the Mugen Taiko Do method. Miyuki primarily learned Hachijo from Chieko Kojima of Kodo, who collaborated and toured with Mugenkyo on two UK concert tours.

Please contact us on or 01357 522 008 to check availability before booking online, as spaces are limited to 18 participants.