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Mugen Taiko Foundation Course

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Date: Tuesday 16 January 2018
Time: Tuesday 7 - 10pm
Venue: Mugen Taiko Dojo
Post Code: ML11 0RZ
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Price: £720 (can be paid up front, or divided into 12 monthly instalments of £60)
Tel: 01357 522 008
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The Mugen Taiko Foundation Course is an in-depth year-long course held weekly at the Dojo, covering traditional styles of playing, history, instruments, etiquette, performance skills and repertoire, providing a solid foundation in Mugen Taiko Do and technique.

The course content includes a comprehensive introduction to many major styles of playing such as: Hokuriku style including takebachi, tsubamekaeshi and bachi sabaki, Yatai style, Miyake style, Naname style, with a historical background to each style. Repertoire taught mainly consists of traditional pieces, with a few more advanced modern pieces as well.

The course also includes Shimedaiko technique, hand-held percussion such as chappa and chanchiki, and instruction on instrument maintenance and drum-tying.

We will also work on choreography, presentation, improvisation and musical expression - which are Mugenkyo's particular areas of expertise, honed over two decades of professional touring. There will be a few opportunities to perform in the year, including at the Drumfest showcase concerts and a few local festivals, as a means to work on performance skills.

The course is held on Tuesday evenings 7 - 10pm, starting on Tuesday 16th January, at the Mugen Taiko Dojo in South Lanarkshire, ML11 0RZ.

The course fee is £720, which can be paid up front, or divided into 12 monthly instalments of £60.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain a solid grounding in all aspects of the artform, learning from some of the UK's most experienced instructors, in the ideal environment for taiko: the purpose-built and well-equipped Mugen Taiko Dojo.

Spaces are limited, and there is a selection process to join the course. Contact us to register your interest.
01357 522 008